The 7 Basic Requirements to Sell Anything to Anyone

The Seventh Requirement – "Keep the Interest Factor Alive‟

Not many people are going to buy things from you at the first instant itself. Sales page conversions will happen but they will be very low. In the offline world, it is much more likely that you have guaranteed purchases when people walk into the store, but even so when it comes to expensive things the rate of conversion is low.
So, what must you do to clinch the deal in such cases? The one most important thing you must do is to keep the interest factor alive. Some time back we spoke about building a list and trying to get it to convert. It is for people like these – the drifters you might want to call them – that you build lists. These people might purchase, but they want that push to do so. When you have them on the list, you could keep promoting to them through emails and newsletters. Remember that you shouldn‟t send them such material without their opt-in permission because if you do so, you become a spammer, and there‟s no dirtier tag than that when you are trying to something on the Internet.
But send them quality material. Send them stuff that will really interest them. Research on what drives this particular niche. They might want to know more about how-to stuff, DIY stuff, or maybe some tips and figures interest them. Whatever it is they want to know, keep giving them such stuff at regular intervals.
The idea is to keep them hooked on. These people may have become interested in what you are trying to sell when they first visited you, but now they might be losing interest. When one of your „meaningful‟ emails comes into their inbox, their dwindling interest gets a shot in the arm.
If things are going too long, you might even consider inviting them to download another eBook or sign up for another newsletter subscription for free. It works.

Probably you could get another marketer to giveaway things with you. Such collaboration works in mutual interest.
People who are selling offline could also do this by announcing offers and informing people through snail-mail. But the Internet tops when you are doing such recurrent marketing.

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