The 7 Basic Requirements to Sell Anything to Anyone

People don‟t purchase things on a whim in today‟s world. Everyone has become quite conscious about money, especially because of the recent economic problems that the world has seen. But it is still a good time to start business. People have money, but they are only more cautious about spending it. The frivolous spending habits of people that we saw about three years ago have toned down miserably. But people are people, they will start spending frivolously again, but until then you have to make them see why they should buy something from you.

You can do this by making people understand why they should buy your product, and that becomes your second requirement of making successful sales.

Whatever your sales pitch is – the sales page, a television commercial, a magazine or a newspaper advertisement – the focus should be on what the product can do for the people. You have to tell them what benefits they can get out of them and the more succinct you are about them, the better it will be. Let people know what their money will give them.

When people are convinced that they are spending their money on something useful, they won‟t mind spending the money. It should be something that spells real utility to them.

You must know that people don‟t see things that you don‟t tell them. Now, you might be selling a steam iron, but until and unless you actually outline the advantages of getting a steam iron, people won‟t think of buying. People won‟t buy it just because it exists. However, if you could make a bulleted list of its benefits and advertise that on your sales page or even in the mall where it is sold, you will find people buying it. You can actually hear people saying things like,

“Mary, this seems to be a good thing. See, I won‟t have to bend when I iron clothes at home.” “Yes, Martha, and it doesn‟t require much power too.”
See what I mean? People talk themselves into buying things when the benefits of it are outlined. They almost convince themselves to make the purchase.

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