The 7 Basic Requirements to Sell Anything to Anyone

Requirement # 1 – Making the Right Background
Setting up for the sale is the most important. If you are able to pep your potential customer up to their maximum, they won‟t be able to wait till they buy from you.

The First Requirement – „Sell Yourself, Use a Great Story‟

It is a highly competitive world we live in, and we can say that again without sounding clichéd. Even as you are creating your sales page, you are at a loss to decide what to put on this page so that it does not look as though it is merely ripped off from your competitors. You are always on the lookout to find something special to put on your sales page that will make the people sit up and take notice of it.

Now, what better can work for that than a great story? You could weave in a story of how you came up with the product or how you started the business, it could add great human factor to the sales page.

Don‟t think that you don‟t have a story. Everyone has. You just have to dig it out. Was there some impediment in coming up with this product? Probably you almost never made it. That‟s a story. Or maybe you got a single jolt of inspiration that suddenly put the idea of building this product and getting into this business in your head. That‟s another great idea for a story. Or you could tell – and this would be to your great advantage – how your product made a big difference to someone, maybe even changing their lives for the better. Maybe you could even get a testimonial from them with their picture and signature and put it up on the sales page. Such things do work wonderfully; there‟s no question about that.

Testimonials are also stories. They are stories of how other people used your product and what happened when they did that. The major plus point about testimonials is that they are said by someone else and hence they strike a better chord with the readers. In any case, stories work, whether they are your own or your users‟ testimonials.

But remember that the language of the story is very important. A good story written in a bad language does not appeal to anyone. You could get a great professional writer from or to write up a good story for you. You give them the idea and they make a human interest tale out of it!
In the media world they would say, “This is what really sells!”

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