How To Start A Work at Home Freelancing Career

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The hurdles that one needs to climb over in order to become
successful at freelancing are many. Here are some of the things you
need to know in order to successfully negotiate the hurdles to freelance

What is Freelancing?

The term freelancing makes reference to people who take different
kinds of jobs, offering services they are good at to various clients,
without necessarily having a long term agreement. The work includes web
design, writing,
programming, and more. The jobs are paid on a per hour basis or on
project basis. If you are going to offer freelance services, ensure
that you are very good at what you do.

Marketing Your Services

It is important that you look professional before you begin marketing
yourself. Star by creating the brand you want to promote. This means
that you will need to give your business a name. It is also important
for you to have a logo, a website
and even business cards as needed. If you are not sure how to design
these, spending a little money to get a professional job done will be
well worth the effort. Fiverr is a service I personally use for website
design, logo creations, and more.

It is important to have a website in place and ensure that the domain
name you use will be something that can easily be remembered. If it is
too long there may be confusion and difficult for anyone to refer your
site to others.

Finally, the domain name needs to give an appropriate description.
Pick one that ties in with the name of the business. If you are not
able to invest in a website, there may be a question mark for
professionalism and trust.

Locating Home Based Opportunities

You will need work if you are to start freelancing. There are several job boards that
offer legitimate opportunities to work from home. Freelance Switch is
one such board. They charge $7 monthly to gain access and apply to the
available opportunities.

You could also let your friends and family know that you are now
freelancing and to connect you to opportunities that they may come
across. If you find yourself with nowhere to turn, consider creating
samples of your work and then use them to show what you can do. You may
also consider doing some work at no cost just to develop a good
portfolio. As time goes by and you get more steady work, you will
receive more referral work and repeat clients if they love your work.
Sourcing for work should be a continuous process though.

Here are some of the best sites that allow freelancers to showcase their skills:

Looking for more? shared a list of the best 15 freelance websites for finding jobs online.

Making Sure You Get Paid

Even though most clients have good will and will pay for the work
done as agreed, you will also find others who will refuse to make
payments, delay payment or even try to cut the rate agreed on. This can
often cause cash flow issues in a small business. It is therefore
important that you have some reserves that can help you clear bills and
other essential payments before the next payment comes in.

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