How to Earn Passive Income Online Writing for Revenue Sharing Sites

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You can earn a passive income online by writing for revenue sharing
content sites. If you love writing about a specific topic or more, you
can earn some money fast with your writing, but keep in mind that it
will not be much, especially if you are new to the online writing.
Revenue sharing sites are content sites that have large bodies of
articles published on their sites about a wide variety of topics.
Typically, owners of these sites invite writers from all countries to
write articles for their sites and in exchange, these sites, as the name
suggests, share advertising revenue that has been generated by these
articles with the writers.

What is a Revenue Sharing Site?

A revenue sharing site allows you to write articles and make money
from them. An article generates revenue basically from three ways:

1.) Clicks on ads (PPC ads) placed alongside the article

2) Impressions of ads (PPM ads), meaning when they show up in the article while it is being viewed by people.

3.) Revenue earned from affiliate links

However, how an article earns money depends on the way the site where
the article is hosted on operates and the advertising model it supports
or uses. Some sites reward the writers by using a payment scheme called
PPV (pay-per-view) where these sites offer a flat rate per thousand
views of the articles to the writers, irrespective of how much money
these articles earn from various ways. But others split the revenue
generated from various ad programs and more ways by the articles with
the relevant writers, often in favor of the writers. If your articles
generate lots of clicks on the PPC ads or get a large amount of traffic
to the CPM ads, or perform a combination of both these methods, you will
earn more money.

Some writers, especially those who do not have their own blogs or
websites and who are new or aspiring writers, actually find writing for
revenue sharing sites a lucrative way to earn some extra cash fast. On
the other hand, others, including both seasoned and new writers, just do
not like the idea of writing for these sites for various reasons,
especially for very low returns of their time and effort put in.
However, although it is true that some writers earn a little passive income every
month or even a full-time income writing for revenue sharing sites,
they must have worked very hard, written hundreds or even thousands of
articles, and promoted their work on the Web. Whether it is to earn a
bit extra cash, build a portfolio or earn a passive income on a regular
basis, writing for these sites just depends on what their goals are.

Some Reputable Revenue Sharing Writing Sites

Here is a list of some of the most popular revenue sharing sites you
can sign up for to earn passive income by submitting articles to them:

Why You Should Write for Revenue Sharing Sites?

If you are just starting out to build a writing career online,
writing for revenue sharing sites is a great way to build a portfolio of
your work. You can use your portfolio to showcase your work to your
potential clients for securing higher paying writing gigs. You can write
about different topics, improve your research skills and learn how to
optimize your content for search engines or in other words, how to write
SEO content in order to gain more traffic to your content. If you are
just starting out, the writing for these content mills is a quick way to
earn a little money, even if a tiny amount in the beginning, but the
earnings do add up as you earn passive income. You can choose to write
daily or once a month or whenever you want to because you are flexible
with your posting schedules. If you have a blog or website but
you want to write about different or unrelated topics, meaning they are
not relevant to your blog or website, then revenue sharing sites are
the place to share your knowledge with others.

Why Not Write for Revenue Sharing Sites?

It takes a lot of dedication, time and work to make any substantial
money writing for revenue sharing sites. You can earn significantly more
by writing for private clients or completing online writing jobs for
upfront pay by securing them from online job boards and bidding sites.
You will lose all your work if any site you are writing for shuts down
from nowhere. If you want a thriving career in freelance writing, then
revenue sharing sites are not your best option. If you want to earn more
money, work smarter, and want the best return for your time, skills and
effort, then you writing for passive income from these sites may not be
the right option.

You will need to attract traffic in tens of thousands every month to
your articles, to earn more, but for most writers it would be difficult
to get that amount of traffic every month. You will have to write
hundreds of articles to ever earn hundreds of $USDs per month, but you
can earn significantly much more than that by writing only a few
articles for upfront payments. If you start your own blog or website and
make money from your blog posts or articles, you can keep all the
earnings to yourself, and have full control over your content.

Tips on Writing for Revenue Sharing Sites

  1. When writing for these content mills, it is important to choose
    topics that attract a lot of traffic. Write on topics that are popular
    now. If you are not familiar with these topics, you can research them
    online and write great articles about them. You will improve your
    research skills in the process.
  2. Do your research first before writing your articles. Choose keywords
    that are easier to convert into traffic, leads or sales for your
    articles and build the articles around these keywords. Write great
    titles with the keywords in them. Use the keywords you are targeting to
    rank for in search engines throughout the articles but without stuffing
    the content with them.
  3. Use the keywords in the titles, within the first few and the last
    few sentences of your articles. Use appropriate images for your
    articles. Optimize the images for the search engines by giving ALT
    description to the images. If you are using images that are licensed for
    free use, give copyright credit for them.
  4. Contribute regularly by writing at least one new article per week
    for the first few months to attract more traffic to your articles and
    build a following. Try to write on various different topics to see what
    works best for you. It is also a great way to build a niche audience
    within your targeted audience.

Final Words

Writing for a reputable revenue sharing content mill is an easy way
to earn a bit of extra money if you put in some work regularly. If you
do the hard work for at least a few months by contributing quality
articles to one of these sites or more, you can reap the benefits later,
for as long as these sites host your articles and keep the revenue
sharing program in place. The more you write the more money you will
make, and this is passive income, meaning your earnings do add up.

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